Virtual workspace and online storage for teams with high security demands

Webgate is the file hosting and cloud storage service for the film industry and creatives with exacting demands on picture, sound and security. Our high-performance servers are ISO/IEC 27001 certified and located only in German computing centers.

Bring files and teams together and manage the sharing of files without size restrictions.

File hosting

Manage large data volumes easily with numerous tools in the cloud

Webgate offers you various ways to customize your projects. Structure your data in different virtual workspaces and simplify the collaboration with your teams.

Manage the video and audio files relevant to your project and documents in higher-level subject areas. Store your data within these areas in customary folder structures or in playlists and galleries.


Keep close track of your data files

The Webgate browser is a file manager optimized for teams in the film industry and anyone who works with very large data volumes.

Upload files, folder structures and entire Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs). Numerous functions such as Share, Link, Move, Metafiles, Release and Discuss functions, automatic notifications and many more make your working day easier.


Playlists and Galleries

You can make audio and video material available in playlists and galleries. View, comment on, share and rate clips and images. The previews are upgraded to the best possible picture quality. Use playlists, for example to structure shooting days or to collect video material in pre-production in a structured way.

Gather frame-for-frame feedback, mark errors by drawing on videos and photos. Export all the feedback into your editing system. The required streaming derivatives are processed almost without losses.

More about comments
User management

Roles and rights

Our flexible authorization system gives you total control over who has access to which areas and files, who can up and download, send and comment on and discuss files. Also manage authorizations by editing metadata and giving files clearance. Use our predefined roles for this or adjust them to the needs of your team.

Tags und labels

Tags und labels

Mark your content for more clarity and areas of responsibility. With labels you create yourself, such as «Circle Take», «Camera B» or «QA failed» you simplify handling large data volumes, e.g. in sequences with similar names.

Categorize content, separate the important from the unimportant and see the processing status of your files at a glance.


Link your cloud to Kanban

Kanban is a widespread agile project and process management method. It helps visualize, optimize and monitor the workflow.

Link the content of your online memory with the tasks on your Kanban boards and determine who gets access to which files. Structure your teams’ workflows while keeping clean file structures.

Kanban for film production

Secure data and file exchange

For data exchange with people without an Webgate account, use our direct links and upload links. With Directlinks you can securely share content or release it for streaming or approval. With upload links you can collect any data.

Filesharing via Directlink
Draw and comment on videos

Video feedback, approvals and reviews

Easier than ever before: the Webgate feedback function makes collaborating on photo, video, cuts and layouts a breeze.

Precise feedback, comments or sketches on pictures, frames or time spans – its intuitive comment function makes Webgate the ideal coordination tool for your team and for approval processes with customers.

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Upload and download without size restrictions

Most file-hosting providers only allow a limited file size. Many a raw video file or DCP is simply too big. But our cloud storage allows you to up and download any file size - as long as your own hard drive can handle it.

Zip streaming enables faster downloading of large files and entire folder structures, because it zips and downloads simultaneously.

Download Manager

The Download Manager for macOS devices (available through the Beta program) enables a stable download that can be paused and resumed. You can control file downloads remotely in Webgate to any number of computers.

This means, for instance, that the Dailies department can deliver DNxHD files to the editing room, so editors can start their creative work immediately.

Benefits of the Download Manager

  • Remote control downloads using Webgate.
  • Download simultaneously to multiple computers.
  • The download continues even when the browser is closed.
  • Download entire directories.
  • High-speed downloads by spreading them across all our servers.
  • Paused downloads are continued.

An overview of our tools


Manage users and access permissions

Data management

Easily organize your data, videos, playlists and galleries


Inform colleagues about changes in your Webgate project and add a personal message


Never miss activities or changes in rooms that you subscribe to


Share content by mirroring and avoid duplicates and the administrative hassle


Manage the visibility of data during the approval process


Share your media, even with people that don’t have an Webgate account


Manage your videos, dailies and edit approvals


Use frame-by-frame comments to ease the approval process and the QC


Mark sections in videos and images and share them as a comment


Import, manage and export metadata in different formats


Secure your data with personalized watermarks